The Irish Youth Guarantee

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In 2013 the EU adopted a Council Recommendation to member states on a Youth Guarantee. The aim of the EU-wide Youth Guarantee, supported by central EU funding of €6 billion, is to provide young people under the age of 25 with a good quality offer of employment, continued education, an apprenticeship or a traineeship within a short time of becoming unemployed.

Pilot schemes took place across Europe in 2013 including one in Ballymun, Dublin that was one of the first to receive EU funding. 

In 2014 the Irish Government expects to provide a Youth Guarantee to around 30,000 young people who are at a very high risk of long-term unemployment.It is an ambitious programme that will take time to fully implement and will require ongoing investment and sustained effort by Government, employers and jobseekers alike.  

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection coordinates the implementation of the Youth Guarantee and has many initiatives to tackle youth unemployment.


To learn more about what agencies are also involved in delivering on the promise of a Youth Guarantee see the section on Youth Guarantee Agencies

The European Commission is providing co-funding for some elements of the Youth Guarantee plan through the Youth Employment Initiative and the European Social Fund.
Last modified:06/02/2015

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