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A Social Contract to ensure that all parties understand that with rights [to income support] come responsibilities [to engage] is one of the key elements of the Intreo Service.

Social Contract – Rights and Responsibilities

  • This "contract" underpins the Intreo approach.
  • It is a record of the commitments being made by the Intreo service and also of the commitments expected of clients who avail of that service. In other words a record of mutual commitments.
  • The commitments expected of clients are that they will:
    • Co-operate with the Intreo service in developing a Personal Progression Plan.
    • Use this plan strive to secure employment.
    • Attend all meetings requested by the Department.
    • Provide all information requested by the Department.
  • Clients who register for the service will be expected to sign and honour this Record of Mutual Commitments.
  • Failure to honour this commitment can lead to a reduction in, and ultimately a cessation of, payments.
Last modified:21/12/2012

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