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Client who attends an Intreo Centre to make a claim for Jobseeker’s Payment:

When you attend an Intreo Office to make an application for a Jobseeker’s payment, you will receive the following service:

  • We will check your eligibility for Jobseeker's Payment.
  • We will give you an appointment within a few days to meet an officer to have your claim processed and to get your Public Services Card
  • We will give you an application form and the information you need  to prepare for your appointment
  • If everything is in order on the day of your appointment, a decision will be made on the same day regarding your Jobseeker’s payment application
  • If you need information on other services such as Employment Services or Community Welfare Services, Rent Allowance, etc. we will help you with your query.
  • You can also use our access a variety of services  and job seeking tools online or in a local Employment

When you attend an Intreo Centre for your a Jobseeker’s payment appointment, we will:

  • Review your application and make a decision on the day of appointment (unless further information is required)
  • Begin the process of assessing your individual needs to support you to access the Labour Market
  • Jointly sign a Record of Mutual Commitment explaining your rights and responsibilities
  • Take your photograph and the necessary information required to produce your Public Service Card

Clients who are eligible for Jobseeker’s payment will:

  • Receive your Jobseekers payment
  • Be called for an Information Session within 2 to 3 weeks
  • Be scheduled for a 1-to-1 interview with an Officer after your Information Session (depending on your individual need)
  • At this meeting we will offer you guidance support and discuss and agree your Personal Progression Plan detailing your individual supports and training and education options and actions towards finding a job
  • If you need disability supports, these will also be discussed
  • Use a range of supports and services to enhance your Job Search
  • Continue to have access to the Employment Services Self Service options and Employment Initiatives
  • Can have any changes, etc. to your claim processed
  • Be called for further 1-to-1 meetings to review and/or your Personal Progression Plan (if you are still on the Live Register and not participating on a programme) and to be given further guidance support as required
  • Receive on-going correspondence to monitor your Personal Progression Plan actions and to ensure you are available for and genuinely seeking work
Last modified:13/01/2016


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