Minister Mary Coughlan Opens Ballymote Family Resource Centre

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Mary Coughlan, Minister for Social and Family Affairs, today officially opened the Ballymote Family Resource Centre. The centre has been established under the Family and Community Services Resource Centre Programme (FCSRC) which is operated by Minister Coughlan's Department. Its aim is to support families and individuals in the local community by helping them to meet their social, personal and educational needs.

"I am delighted to open this centre today. The services provided by your centre offers a practical response to the real local needs of the community of Ballymote. Initiatives like the Ballymote Family Resource Centre help to tackle the issues of marginalisation and exclusion", Minister Coughlan said.

"The family is central to our society and it is evident that it is core to the work of this project. As Minister with responsibility for Family Affairs, I want to make sure that public policy makes a real difference to families", the Minister added.

Ballymote Family Resource Centre has received a total funding of €150,630 under the FCRSC programme since 2001.

ENDS - 30 th May 2003



The FCSRC Programme was established in 1994 with the aim of combating disadvantage and improving the functioning of the family unit. The centres funded under the programme provide special services such as counselling and information for lone parents, young mothers and socially excluded families. They seek to enhance the self-esteem and potential of people by working closely with them within their communities. They encourage the participation of local people in all aspects of the centres work, including planning and management.

Projects in the programme are funded on a 3-year contract basis. Each contract is agreed based on a work plan submitted by the relevant project.

At present, there are 84 centres funded under the programme.

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