Importance Of Cultural Diversity - Minister Mary Coughlan

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Mary Coughlan, Minister for Social and Family Affairs, today encouraged her officials to promote awareness of the Anti-Racist Workplace Week, which takes place this week.

"This Department, more than any other, is the face of the public service to many people and we are justly regarded as having a caring and professional approach to all of the people who depend on us," the Minister said.

"We are committed to serving all our customers in an equitable and non-discriminatory manner," added the Minister.

The Department of Social and Family Affairs provides anti-discrimination awareness training to staff through its staff development and customer service programmes. Interpretation and translation services are available in a number of Social Welfare offices.

"I am pleased that the staff in my Department respond to the needs of our customers from different cultures. I am committed to ensuring that we continue to deliver our services in a positive, tolerant and equitable environment. This week in particular we should recognise and appreciate the value of cultural diversity", Minister Coughlan said.


5 th November, 2003

Last modified:05/11/2003