Mary Coughlan TD Minister for Social and Family Affairs Seeks School Meals Funds Application from Enable Ireland

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Mary Coughlan TD Minister for Social and Family Affairs today said that she would welcome an application for funding for school meals from the Enable Ireland school in Sandymount, Dublin.

"Officials in my Department were immediately in contact with the school for children with disabilities when first news of their financial difficulties broke last month," said Minister Coughlan today."

"I am concerned that schools may not be fully aware of the changes I have made extending the school meals scheme, and I will be undertaking an information campaign to promote the scheme," she added.

"I was disturbed to think that a meals service for children at the Sandymount school could be removed. I understand from my own officials that the school was not part of the existing school meals service."

"However, I have now invited them to apply for funding under the new and greatly expanded school meals scheme which specifically aims to target disadvantage, and I will have their application considered as a matter of urgency."

"I also recently announced the provision of an extra €2million in funding for the school meals scheme which will bring the total amount of funding available for the scheme this year to almost €4.5million."

"The new school meals scheme will now apply throughout the country and I have ended the ban on schools in county council areas applying for funding for the provision of school meals," said Minister Coughlan.


1 st April 2003

Last modified:01/04/2003