Work Supports for People with a Disability

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EmployAbility (Supported Employment)

What is the EmployAbility Service?

The EmployAbility Service is an employment and recruitment service to assist people with a disability to secure and maintain a job in the open labour market.

Who is eligible?

People with a disability who are job ready and need a level of support to succeed in long-term and sustainable employment.

What Service is Available?

EmployAbility provides a range of supports to employers and people with a disability, through Job Coaches. The range of supports include:
  • Individual Needs Assessment
  • Vocational Profiling and Career Planning
  • Individual Employment Plan
  • Job Sourcing and Job Matching
  • On-the-Job Support and Coaching
  • Advice and Support to Employers
  • Follow-up Support and Mentoring to both Employers & Employees

Services for Jobseekers

Career Advice:
  • Professional guidance in career planning
  • Identification of skills
  • Job search support and advice
Employment Support:
  • Access to job vacancies
  • Support with the job application process
  • Matching skills with employers needs
  • Work experience placements
  • Employers sourced
  • Assistance with integrating into the workplace
Follow-up Support:
  • Access to support services as required to maintain employment
  • Advice on employment benefits and entitlements
Employers Service
  • Free recruitment and employment service
  • Database of skilled jobseekers
  • Access to a committed, local work force
  • On-going support from a professional team of Job Coaches
  • Advice on employment grants and supports 

Employment Grants & Supports

DSP provides a range of employment supports aimed at helping employees with a disability to gain and retain employment including Reasonable Accommodation Fund for the Employment of People with Disabilities and other services.
To avail of the EmployAbility service, call into your INTREO or Social Welfare office,  Or you can contact your local EmployAbility Service directly. Click here to get contact details for your local EmployAbility Service.
Last modified:06/09/2013

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