What is the means test for Guardian's Payment (Non-Contributory)?

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For Guardian's Payment (Non-Contributory), the orphan’s means are assessed.

What counts as means?

The means include any income the orphan has or property or an asset that they own which could bring in money or provide them with an income.

A Social Welfare Inspector may call to the guardian's home and will ask for details about items that count as means. The Inspector may also ask to see documents such as accounts or bank statements. An increase or change in the orphan’s means should be notified to this Department immediately.

How are savings, investments and property assessed?

The actual income from investments and money in a savings account is not taken as the orphan’s means. Instead, we add together the following investment items and use a formula to work out the orphan’s means:

  • cash value of investments and property,
  • money in a savings account,
  • cash-in-hand or in a current bank account.
Income: Weekly means assessed:
First €20,000 Nil
€20,000 - €30,000 €1 per €1,000
€30,000 - €40,000 €2 per €1,000
Over €40,000 €4 per €1,000

An orphan has €29,000 savings  
Amount of savings €29,000
Minus first €20,000 (disregarded) €20,000
Assessable means €9,000
€9,000 assessed at €1 per €1,000 €9.00
Weekly means €9.00

For details of the weekly amounts of Guardian's payment (Non Contributory) log on to 'www.welfare.ie'.

What does not count as means?

The following are some of the items that do not count as means:

  • the orphan's own home,
  • any payment from this Department, and
  • income from certain charitable organisations.
Last modified:29/06/2011