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The functions of Scope Section are to give directions and information on the insurability of employment in accordance with the law. Any person, business or their representatives may apply to have an employment investigated to make sure that the correct PRSI Class is applied. If you are unsure of your social insurance position, you should write to Scope Section (see below) and request a formal decision.

Deciding Officers in Scope Section deal with the following types of questions:

  • whether employment or self-employment exists,
  • whether it is insurable employment, insurable occupational injuries employment (covered for Occupational Injuries Benefits only) or insurable self-employment,
  • what class of PRSI is due, and
  • in the case of employment, the name of the employer.

Before this happens, a Social Welfare Inspector interviews the worker and a representative of the employer separately about the nature of the employment. When this investigation is finished, the Inspector submits detailed reports to a Deciding Officer in Scope Section for a formal decision.

The Deciding Officer's decision is based on all of the available evidence and also on legal principles handed down in various court judgements over the years. (Some of these principles are outlined in the "Code of Practice for determining Employment or Self-Employment of Individuals").

For more information please log on to or contact:

Scope Section
Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection
Gandon House
Amiens Street
Dublin 1

Telephone: (01) 673 2585 (from the Republic of Ireland only)

+ 353 1 673 2585 (from Northern Ireland or overseas)


Last modified:31/01/2017

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