Habitual Residence Condition - SW 108

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If you come to Ireland from abroad and apply for any of the payments listed Section 3, you will need to provide personal and employment records such as your:

  • passport or National Identity Card;
  • bank statements;
  • details of benefit payments;
  • utility bills such as electricity, gas, telephone, mobile phone or broadband;
  • rent or mortgage agreements;
  • receipts for local authority charges.

If you have been granted special permission to remain in Ireland (for example through refugee status or leave to remain on humanitarian grounds, as the parent of
an Irish born child or under family reunification), you will also need to provide:

  • An official letter from the Department of Justice and Equality to confirm your status,
  • A copy of your residency permit (Garda National Immigration Bureau card).

You are responsible for providing any documents requested by this Department in support of your claim.

Last modified:10/02/2016