Habitual Residence Condition - SW 108

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If you do not satisfy the condition, you may qualify, under the Supplementary Welfare Allowance scheme, for a payment to meet a once-off exceptional or urgent need. The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection takes all the facts of your situation into account before deciding whether to make this payment. Note that you are unlikely to get money to pay for predictable or regular expenses such as rent. You can get more information about Supplementary Welfare Allowance from the nearest Intreo office or log onto www.welfare.ie.

If you have come to the Republic of Ireland from one of the following EU Member States (see note 1):

  • Bulgaria
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Cyprus
  • Latvia
  • Romania
  • Czech Republic
  • Lithuania
  • Slovakia
  • Estonia
  • Malta
  • Slovenia

and do not have any means of support, you should contact a Designated Person at your local Intreo Office.

Note 1: Other EU nationals should contact their own embassy. Non EEA nationals should contact their embassy or the offices below.

The Asylum Seekers and New Communities Unit (ASNCU) of this Department or the Reception and Integration Agency (RIA) of the Department of Justice and Equality may help you if you want to return to your home country.

Note 2
If you wish to apply for this service, you should contact a Designated Person at your local Intreo office.

Last modified:10/02/2016