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Your social welfare records

You now have a legal right to seek access to personal records that we hold about you in this Department and to have the information amended if it is not accurate.

'Records' include information that is held on computer and on paper files.

For example, you have the right to seek access to records relating to claims you have made for a social welfare payment.

Other social welfare records

You have the right to seek access to non-personal records created after 21 April, 1998. These records include information on policy formulation or procedures used by the Department in determining entitlement to payment.

In certain circumstances, you may be allowed access to records created before 21 April, 1998.

Information routinely available

The Department routinely makes information available to the public through information leaflets, publications on its website and in response to enquires. Freedom of Information provides an additional source of information by making it easier to get access to records not routinely available.

Last modified:26/04/2017

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