Surveys in the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection

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The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection carries out surveys to ascertain how well its programmes are working and how satisfied clients are with the services provided.  We do this because we need the input of the Department’s clients to understand how the Department of Social Protection can improve its services.

Some surveys are conducted directly by the Statistics Unit of the Department, while in other cases we ask independent market research companies to carry out surveys on behalf of the Statistics Unit of the Department.  We generally ask these companies to survey a representative sample of the population.

The Statistics Unit of the Department is a part of the Irish Statistical System, and by law any survey responses supplied to the Statistics Unit or independent research companies on our behalf are totally private and confidential.  

Individual level information or responses cannot be shared for any other purpose than statistical reporting.  Such information cannot be used for any other administrative purposes and people’s answers can’t affect any interactions they might have with the Department in any way.

If you receive a survey request from the Department, please take the time to complete it as your response is really important. It will help us understand your experiences so that we can provide a better service to you.

Chief Statistician
Statistics Unit
Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection

Recent and current projects:

We’ll keep a list of surveys on this page.  If any company is contracted to carry out a survey of the Department’s clients, the survey will be listed here.

Here is a list of our recent surveys and some that will take place in the near future:





Fraud & Error

Illness Benefit

Invalidity Pension

Farm Assist


Partial Capacity Benefit

Disability Allowance


Jobseeker Satisfaction


Fraud & Error

Household Benefits Package

Family Income Supplement

Carer’s Allowance

State Pension (contributory)

Supplementary Welfare Allowance




​Class S PRSI contributors


Jobseeker Satisfaction

Employer Satisfaction

General Satisfaction



JobPath (interim evaluation)

Intreo process reforms

​BTEA Qualitive Study

One-Parent Family Payment changes since 1 January 2012

​Employers and JobsPlus employers survey



JobPath (started in 2016)


Fraud & Error





Jobseeker Satisfaction (Intreo)

​JobPath Customer Satisfaction


FAQ on current surveys

One Parent Family Payment Survey FAQ's

Jobseekers Customer Satisfaction (INTREO) Survey FAQ’s

Customer Satisfaction Survey (JobPath) FAQ's 

Contact details

For the One Parent Family Payment Survey  

Information Unit, DEASP

Tel: (071) 9193302 / Lo Call: 1890 66 22 44*

*Note that the rates charged for the use of 1890 (LoCall) numbers may vary among different service providers.

Lines are open from 10 AM to 4 PM daily.

You can also email queries to

For Customer Satisfaction Survey (Intreo) or Customer Satisfaction Survey (JobPath)

National Contact Centre, DEASP


Telephone hotline: (01) 2481398 / Lo Call: 1890 800 024*

Lines are open from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday - Friday.

*Note that the rates charged for the use of 1890 (LoCall) numbers may vary among different service providers.

If you would like to be removed from the Customer Satisfaction Survey, please click here. Please provide your contact details, including your PPSN OR your date of birth.

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