Habitual Residence Condition - SW 108

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If you are an EEA national (Note 1) and can be considered an EU migrant worker, you will be entitled to Supplementary Welfare Allowance under the same conditions as Irish nationals. To be considered an EEA migrant worker, you must be in or have been in genuine employment in Ireland.

If you are out of work, you can only be considered an EEA migrant worker if you meet other conditions, for example being registered with the Activation Unit of
your local Intreo Office as a jobseeker, taking part in vocational training or not being able to work due to a temporary illness.

Note 1: See list of EEA countries.

For more information on social welfare services and application forms log on to www.welfare.ie or use the text messaging service. You can download the HRC 1 from www.welfare.ie.

Last modified:10/02/2016