Social Welfare (Temporary Provisions) Regulations 2017

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S.I. No. 523 of 2017

(This note is not part of the Instrument and does not purport to be a legal interpretation.)

These Regulations provide for the payment of a bonus to recipients of long-term social welfare payments and to recipients of domiciliary care allowance.

The bonus payment applies to recipients of the following long-term social
welfare payments:  

  1. partial capacity benefit;
  2. disablement pension;
  3. death benefit under the Occupational Injury Benefit scheme payable to widows, widowers, surviving civil partners, orphans and dependant parents;
  4. carer’s benefit;
  5. State pension (contributory);
  6. invalidity pension;
  7. widow’s, widower’s and surviving civil partner’s (contributory) pension;
  8. guardian’s payment (contributory);
  9. jobseeker’s allowance in respect of a continuous period of unemployment of at least 15 months;
  10. jobseeker’s transitional payment;
  11. pre-retirement allowance;
  12. State pension (non-contributory);
  13. blind pension;
  14. widow’s, widower’s and surviving civil partner’s (non-contributory) pension;
  15. guardian’s payment(non-contributory);
  16. one-parent family payment;
  17. deserted wife’s benefit and deserted wife’s allowance;
  18. carer’s allowance;
  19. disability allowance;
  20. farm assist;
  21. back to work family dividend.
Last modified:28/11/2017