Review of Bray, Delgany and Greystones Maximum Rent Limits

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New maximum rent limits came into force on 1 January 2012 and are based on the most up to date market data available.  The emphasis of the rent limit review was to ensure that maximum value for money for tenants and the taxpayer was achieved whilst at the same time ensuring that people on rent supplement are not priced out of the market for private rented accommodation.

Analysis of the rental market for County Wicklow carried out during the December 2011 maximum rent limit review found that rental prices for the Bray area were having a distorting effect on establishing appropriate rent supplement limits for County Wicklow as a whole.  Accordingly it was decided that the Bray area was to be excluded with separate limits set for this area. The local rental markets for Delgany and Greystones were also included in the overall catchment area for Bray rents due to their proximity to Bray and relative levels of availability of housing stock. This report summarises the analysis of rent supplement tenancies for the Bray, Delgany and Greystones area and provides details of appropriate maximum rent limits.

Last modified:14/06/2012

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