Use of the PPS Number & Register of Users

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If you have a query regarding your PPS Number please contact:

Client Identity Services,
Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection
Social Welfare Services,
Shannon Lodge,
County Leitrim

Telephone: Lo Call 1890 927999

Use of the PPS Number

The Personal Public Service Number (PPS Number) is designed for use in transactions between the individual and public bodies. The PPS Number may only be used by persons authorised to do so under Social Welfare legislation ( PPS Number Legislation).

Data may only be shared using the PPS Number as a common identifier where the sharing is authorised by law e.g. Data Protection or Social Welfare law.

Data protection principles must be upheld with regard to the PPS Number and all reasonable security steps should be taken with regard to the storage and handling of the PPS Number and associated data.

The PPS Number is intended to be used for the purpose of accurately identifying the individual in the administration of public services. It should only be given to and used by public bodies and should not be randomly disclosed.

As a unique identifier for individuals the PPS Number is a valuable piece of personal information that should be respected and safeguarded against misappropriation or misuse.

A PPS Number is not proof of identity. Neither a PPS Number nor a Social Services Card should be accepted as such. Additional evidence of identity should always be sought, as appropriate.

Register of Users of the PPS Number

The legislation governing the allocation and use of the PPS Number is contained in the Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act , as amended by the Social Welfare Acts 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2003 2005 and the Social Welfare and Pensions Act 2007. Only Specified Bodies named in the above Social Welfare Acts can use the PPS Number.

The Register of Users is a summary of the specified bodies and how they use the PPS Number .
Last modified:22/01/2013

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