Payments Explained

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Types of Payment

Social Insurance Payments

Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) contributions are needed to qualify for social insurance payments. To qualify for payment, you must have enough weeks of PRSI contributions to satisfy these conditions. The PRSI weeks must also be at the appropriate rate or class.

Social Assistance Payments

If you do not qualify for a social insurance payment or have used up your entitlement, you may be entitled to a social assistance payment instead.  To qualify for this type of payment, you must satisfy a means test.

Other Payments

The Department also provided other services such as Child Benefit and Free Travel. These payments do not depend on PRSI contributions or means.

Social Welfare Payments and Taxation

A range of benefits payable under the Social Welfare Acts are taxable.  No tax is deducted at source by the Department.  All enquiries about your tax liability should be addressed to your local tax office

Last modified:13/03/2012

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