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  1. What are my responsibilities?
  2. PRSI Inspections
  3. What penalties can be imposed?
  4. Checklist of your responsibilities as an employer?
  5. Where can I get more information?


A major crackdown on PRSI fraud is underway. Every year, the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection inspectors visit up to 10,000 employers.

The inspectors are paying particular attention to those employers working in the 'Black Economy' including those who:

  • not pay any PRSI contributions for their employees,
  • do not keep proper records for them,
  • encourage employees to claim social welfare payments,
  • understate wages being paid to employees.

The Department's inspectors have the power to inspect records and there are penalties for people who obstruct, refuse to supply information, fail to keep or produce records/documents.

Now is the time to ensure that you are operating PRSI properly otherwise the law will be strictly enforced.

Last modified:11/11/2013

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