P45s no longer in use from 1 January 2019

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From 01 January 2019, as part of the Office of the Revenue Commissioners “PAYE Modernisation” programme, if you cease employment, your employer will no longer issue you with a P45. This means that from 2019 onwards you will not need a P45 to make a claim.
From 01 January 2019 employers are instead required to send the information previously contained in a P45 electronically to the Revenue Commissioners.  This means that Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection staff will be able access this information electronically.
We are currently updating our application forms to take account of this change, however if an existing form asks for a P45 you do not need to provide one (if you ceased employment after 31/12/18). If you ceased employment in 2018 you will receive a P45 from your employer
For further information see
Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection


Last modified:11/01/2019