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Ensuring people with disabilities are supported to achieve their employment ambitions is one of the most significant labour market and social policy challenges for policymakers today.

To this end, the Government’s ten-year Comprehensive Employment Strategy for People with Disabilities was launched by An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny T.D. in October 2015.

The strategy’s six priority areas are:

  1. Build skills, capacity and independence
  2. Provide bridges and supports into work
  3. Make work pay
  4. Promote job retention and re-entry to work
  5. Provide coordinated and seamless support
  6. Engage employers

This Report represents the findings and recommendations of the Make Work Pay Interdepartmental Group, which was established to address Strategic Priority iii, “Make work pay”.

Links are provided to the following:

  1. The Make Work Pay for People with Disabilities Report
  2. An executive summary of the make work pay report
  3. A plain English version of the make work pay report
  4. An easy read version of the report

In addition, links are provided to two background papers:

  1. Making Work Pay for People with Disabilities – a Review of the International Evidence
  2. An Assessment of the Financial Incentive to Work for Recipients of Illness and Disability Schemes
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