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List of Bodies accepted as charitable organisations for the purposes of Section 11 of Table 2 of Schedule 3 of the Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005 (as amended) which deals with the calculation of means.

Any allowances paid by these bodies will be disregarded when assessing means for All Schemes.

NOTE: When viewing this list please remember that in the case of a Charitable Body starting with the word 'The' to also search under the first letter of the second word e.g."The Jack and Jill Foundation" look under the letter 'T' as well as 'J'.

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  • Anchonry Diocesan(Elderly Retired and Disabled) Priests Fund.
  • Adelaide Blake Trust,c/o Messrs Meldon & Co.,Solicitors,71 Dame St. Dublin 2.
  • Alexandra College Guild Bursaries,9 The Rise,Dalkey,Co Dublin.
  • Archdiocese of St.Andrew's and Edinburgh Clergy Fund,26 Georges St., Edinburgh.
  • Architects Benevolent Society,66 Portland Place,London WIN 4AD 114A.
  • Association of Priests of the Biloxi and Jackson Pension Fund,Jackson,Mississippi,USA.


  • Barristers' Benevolent Association,3 Raymond Buildings,Gray's Inn, London WC 1 R5BH.
  • British Legion(Ireland),16 Upper Pembroke St.,Dublin 2.
  • Benevolent and Widows' and Orphans' Fund,Irish National Teachers' Organisation,35 Parnell Sq.,Dublin 1.
  • Benevolent Society of the Bar of Ireland, Heath Lodge, Kerrymount Ave, Foxrock, Co Dublin.


  • Cameron Fund,Tavistock House North,Tavistock Sq.,London WCIH 9JP.
  • Camphill Community Trust.
  • Catholic Diocese of Biloxi Priest Retirement Fund,Biloxi,Mississippi, 339533,USA.
  • Church of Ireland Priorities Fund.
  • Church of Ireland Clergy Widows' and Orphans' Society,C/O Representative Church Body,Church House,Church Avenue.
  • Civil Service Benevolent Fund,Secretary,Abbey House,2 Victoria St..London S,W,1.
  • Civil Service Benevolent Fund,Hon.Secretary,Room 174,Custom House,Dublin 1.
  • Cloyne Sick Priests Benevolent Fund, Fr.S. Goold, Conna,Mallow,Co.Cork.
  • Cork & Ross Benevolent Fund,Diocesan Office,Bishop's House,Redemption Road,Cork.


  • Daniel's Charity,C/O Messrs Darley & Co.,30 Kildare St.,Dublin 2.
  • Derry Diocesan Fund No.1,Bishop's House,St. Eugene's Catheral,Derry 8T48 9AP.
  • Dioceses of Ferns Retired Priests Fund,Bishop's House,Wexford.
  • Diocese of Galloway Retired Priests Fund,Candida Casa,8 Coresehill Rd.,Ayr.
  • Diocese of Killala Retired Priests Fund.
  • Diocese of Waterford & Lismore Retirement Fund,Bishops House,Johns Hill Waterford.
  • Disabled Priests' Fund,Diocesan Office,The Cathedral,Galway.
  • Drogheda Memorial Fund,The Registry Office of The Turf Club,The Curragh,Co.Kildare.
  • Distressed Gentlefolks Aid Association Samaritan Fund Society.Knutsford,Cheshire.
  • Dr. Barnardo's,17 Ailesbury Rd.,Dublin 4.


  • Electrical Industries Benevolent Society,58 Upper Mount St.,Dublin 2.
  • Electrical and Electronics Industries Benevolent Association,8 Station Parade,Balham,High Rd.,London.
  • Elizabeth Finn Care, Derry Street, London, W8 5HY.


  • Ferns Diocesan Protestant Orphan Society,Ballybrittas Bree,Enniscorthy,Co. Wexford.
  • French Heugenot Fnds,33 Kildare St.,Dublin 2.


  • Galloway Clerical Friendly Society
  • Greenwich Hospital Admiralty,14 Buckingham Gate,London.


  • none


  • Incorporated Association for Relief of Distressed Protestants,45 Molesworth St.,Dublin.
  • IndependentAge/Rukba, 6 Avonmore Road, London W14 8RL.
  • Irish Architects Benevolent Society,8 Merrion Sq North,Dublin 2.
  • Irish Dental Benevolent Society,29 Kenilworth Sq.,Dublin.
  • Irish Distressed Ladies Fund,6 Merrion Sq Nth,Dublin 2.


  • Jack and Jill Children's Foundation (The), Johnstown Manor, Johnstown, Naas, Co Kildare
  • Jewish Board of Guardians


  • Kildare and Leighlin Retired Priests Fund,Bishop's House,Carlow.
  • Killaloe Diocesan Benevolent Fund,C/O Rev.Kevin O'Carroll,Westbourne,Ennis,Co.Clare.


  • Limerick Clergy Benevolent Fund,66 O'Connell Street,Limerick.


  • Master Builder's Association,9 Leeson Pk.,Dublin 6.
  • Mission to the Adult Deaf and Dumb of Eire,35 Molesworth St.,Dublin 2.
  • Motor and Cycle Trades Benevolent Fund,Lynwood,Sunny Hill,Ascot,Berks SL5 OAJ.


  • National Council for the Blind of Ireland,Whitworth Rd,Drumcondra,Dublin 9.
  • National Society for Cancer Relief, Asst. Secretary,22-28 High St.,Cheam,Surrey.
  • Newspaper Press Fund,Dickens House,35 Wathen Rd.,Dorking,Surrey,RH4 1JY.
  • Newsvenders Benevolent Institution,Dutch House,307-308 High Holborn,London WC 1.


  • Old Age Fund,Presbyterian Church in Ireland,Fisherwick Buildings,9 Upper Queen St.,Belfast.
  • Ossory Diocesan Church Fund.
  • Ossary Priests Society Benevolent Fund,Parochial House,Castlecomer,Co.Kilkenny.
  • Overseas Service Pensioner's Benevolent Society, 413 Coastas Chanmres, 172 Buckingham Palace Rd, London SW1 29 TH.


  • Performing Rights Society Members Fund,Copyright House,29/33 Bernars St.,London WIP 3DP.
  • Poor Ladies Holiday and Relief Society,Lordfall,Chilworth,Southampton.
  • Presbyterian Old Age Fund (Rev. G.B. McConnell), 83 St Circular Road, Dublin 8.
  • Presbyterian Children's Society
  • Protestant Aid,74 Upper Leeson St.,Dublin 4.
  • Provident Fund,National Union of Journalists, Headland House, 308 - 312 Gray's Inn Road, London WCIX 8DP.


  • Queen Alexandra Benevolent fund, 20 John Islip Street, Millbank, London.
  • Queens Institute for District Nursing, (Eire Branch).


  • R.A.F. Benevolent Fund,14 Merrion Square,Dublin 2.
  • Railway Benevolent Institution,23 Gordon Square,Dublin 2.
  • Raphoe Diecesan Welfare Fund,Bishop's House,Letterkenny,Co.Donegal.
  • Retired Missionary Aid Fund,77 Chesterfield Rd.,London E.106.
  • Rowland Hill Benevolent Fund of Ireland,Hon.Secretary,c/o G.P.O.,Dublin 1.
  • Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland,St. Stephens Green,Dublin 2.
  • Royal Literary Fnd,11 Ludgate St.,London E.C.4.
  • Royal Medical Benevolent Fund Society of Ireland,Glenwood,7 Mount Eden Rd,Donnybrook Dublin 4.
  • Royal Victoria Jubilee Masonic Fund,Freemason's Hall,Molesworth St.,Dublin.
  • Royal Patriotic Fund Corporation,64 Victoria St.,London.
  • Royal Naval Benevolent Trust,106 Victoria Rd,North Southsea,Hants.


  • Sailors Home, Bachelor's Walk, Waterford.
  • Schoolmistresses and Governesses Benevolent Institution,39 Buckingham Gate,London S.W.1.
  • Scottish Law Agents Society,61 High St.,Dunblane,Perthshire,Scotland.
  • Sick and indigent Roomkeeper's Society,34 Lowerlesson Street,Dublin 2.
  • Smiths Charity, J.D. Kerr, Treasurer, 5 Bedford Sq.,London W.C.1.
  • Society for Assistance of Ladies In Reduced Circumstances,Lancaster House,Horngold Rd.,Malvern,Worcs.,England.
  • Social Services Bursaries,Chirst Church,Dun Laoghaire.
  • Society of The St. Vincent de Paul, 18 Nicholas St.,Dublin.
  • Society for the Assistance of Sick and Infirm Priests in the Catholic Diocese of Elphin,c/o Rev.C.Ward,St.Patrick's, Ballinafad,Co.Sligo.
  • St. Ann's Bursary Fund,St. Ann's Church,Dawson St.Dublin 2.
  • St. Felim's Sick and Infirm Priests Fund,Bishop's House,Wexford.
  • St. John & Red Cross Ex-Services War Disabled Help Department,14 Merrion Square,Dublin 2.
  • Stranger's Friend's Society,12 Eustace Street,Dublin 2.
  • Subud Human Welfare Trust Ltd.,Kenfield Hall,Pethuam,Canterbury,Kent CT4 5QN.


  • The Advertising Benevolent Society of Ireland,16 Harcourt St.,Dublin 2.
  • The Benevolent Fund of the institution of Engineers in Ireland(Cumann na Ninnealtoiri).
  • The Carmont Seetlement,10 Cherry Tree Cresent, Balerno,Midlothian EH 14 5AL.
  • The Cloyne Clergy Widows' and Orphans' Fund,c/o Widows' and Orphans' Fund (Church of Ireland),52 St.Stephen's Green,Dublin 2.
  • The Commercial Travellers Benevolent Institution,No 1 London Bridge,Lndon SE1952.
  • The Fire Services National Benevolent Fund,42 Portman Sq.,London W.1.
  • The Fleming Fund
  • The Forces Help Society and Lord Roberts Workshops,26 South Fredrick St., Dublin 2.
  • The Friends of the Clergy Corporation,27 Medway St.,Westminister,London SW1 P 2BD.
  • The Glorney Charitable Fundation,28 Sth. Frederick St.,Dublin 2.
  • The Guild of Aid For Gentlepeople,280 Earls Court Rd.,Lndon S.W.5.
  • The Guide Dogs For The Blind Association,Alexandra Huse,113 Uxbridge Rd.,Ealing,London W5 8TD.
  • The Incorporated Brewers Benevolent Society,"Weston Acres",Woodmansterne Lane,Barnstead,Surrey,S.M.7 3H.B.
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association(Ireland) Limited, C A House, 87-89 Pembroke Rd.,Dublin 4.
  • The Irish Book Publisher's Association,c/o Gill & McMillan, 15 Eden Quay,Dublin.
  • The Irish Grocer's Benevolent Fund(17 Farnbrough Street, Farnbrough Hants.) Executive Secretary,Mr. Joe O'Driscoll,14 Harbour Rd.,Skerries,Co.Dublin.
  • The Jockey Club,Registry Office.42 Portman Sq., London W.1.
  • The John Cochrane Memorial Fund,c/o City of Dublin Young Men's Christian Association,Aungier St.,Dublin 2.
  • The Kingston College Trust,Trinity Chambers,South Mall,Cork.
  • The Working Ladies Guild,1 View Rd.,Highgate, London N6 4DL.
  • The "Crossley" Fund,5 Hawkhurst Way, West Wickham, Kent.
  • The Mitchell Bequest, Diocesan Offices,St. Joseph's, 42 Wilkies Lane,Dundee Scotland.
  • The Methodist Child Care Society.
  • The Nations Tribute to Nurses Fund, 49 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2.
  • The Officer's Association,2 Martello Tce,Sandtcove, Co. Dublin.
  • The Perry Fund, 20 Waterloo Rd.,Wolverhampton, England.
  • The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, 37 Northumberland Rd.,Dublin 4.
  • The Rathmore Fund, Killarney , Co. Kerry.
  • The Royal Alfred Merchant Seamen's Society, "Weston Acres",Woodmansterne Lane,Barnstead,Surrey, S.M.7 3H.B.
  • The Royal Liver Friendly Society,Royal Liver Building Liverpool L 31 HT, England.
  • The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund, 24 Kings Rd., Wimbledon, London S.W. 19 QN.
  • The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyor's Benevolent Fund Ltd., 2nd Floor, Tavistock House North, Tavistock Sq. London WCIH 9RJ.
  • The Rendlesham Benevolent Fund, 42 Portman Sq., London W.1.
  • The Right Honourable N. Longfield Trust, C/O Widow's and Orphan's Fund(Church of Ireland), 52 St.Stephen's Green, Dublin 2.
  • The Solicitor's Benevolent Association, 9 Upper Mount St., Dublin 2.
  • The Salford Diocesan Fund, Cathedral Huse, 250 Chapel St., Salford M3 5LL.
  • Tuam Diocesan Benevolent Fund.


  • Ulster Ladies Work Society Trust Association,c/o N.I. Council and Social Services,Bryson House, 28 Bedford St.,Belfast.
  • United Commercial Travellers' Association Samaritan Fund Society, Knutsford, Cheshire.


  • NONE


  • Watch Tower, Bible and Tract Society of Ireland, 29A Jamestown Rd, Finglas, Dublin 11.
  • Westmeath Protestant Orphan's Society
  • "Widows" Homes,Kilkenny.


  • NONE


  • Yorkshire Brethern Fund, St Mary’s Presbytery, Broadgate Lane.
  • Young Woman's Christian Association,(Bursaries Dept.), Dawson St., Dublin or Local offices.


  • NONE
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