Disability and Illness

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Illness Benefit

Illness Benefit is a payment for people who cannot work due to illness and who satisfy the Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) contribution conditions. Your Questions Answered.

Disability Allowance

Disability Allowance is a weekly allowance for people with a disability aged between 16 and 66. Your disability must be expected to last for at least one year. You must pass a medical exam, a means test and be habitually resident in Ireland to get the allowance.

Invalidity Pension

Invalidity Pension is a payment for people who are permanently incapable of work because of illness or incapacity and who satisfy the Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) contribution conditions.This pension is taxable but you are unlikely to pay tax if it is your only income.

Blind Pension

Blind Pension is for blind people and certain people with low vision. To prove that you have low vision or are blind, you must be registered with the National Council for the Blind of Ireland. Otherwise, you must present an eyesight report from an ophthalmic surgeon or an optometrist that will satisfy the Department that you are blind or have low vision.

Partial Capacity Benefit

Partial Capacity Benefit is a social welfare scheme which allows you to return to work (if you have reduced capacity to work) and continue to receive a payment from this Department. To qualify you need to be currently in receipt of either Illness Benefit (for a minimum of 6 months) or Invalidity Pension.

Workplace Supports

Supports for people with disabilities - a more inclusive approach.

Recovery of Certain Benefits & Assistance

From 1st August 2014, the Recovery of Certain Benefits and Assistance Scheme enables the Department to recover the value of certain illness-related social welfare payments from compensation awards made to persons as a consequence of personal injuries claims. The benefits are recovered from the compensator and not from the injured person.

Other Supports

Occupational Injuries Benefit Scheme is a group of benefits for people injured or incapacitated by an accident at work or while travelling directly to or from work. The scheme also covers those who have contracted a disease as a result of the type of work they do.

Ability Programme

The Ability programme is a new pre-activation programme for young people with disabilities designed to help bring participants who are not work-ready closer to the labour market through engagement in training and personal development activities.

Make Work Pay

The Government wants people with disabilities to be able to work if they want to. Many people with disabilities would like to work. And for most people who get disability payments, work actually pays better than social welfare.

Medical Review & Assessment

If you are claiming a benefit due to your medical condition you will be asked to attend for a medical assessment by a Medical Assessor of the Department.

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