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Project Eligibility

A project is a work programme that a group or organisation wishes to undertake. A good project will have a plan of action with specific outcomes, and a specific period in which those outcomes will be achieved. The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection is interested in approving projects which may last from 1 to 3 years; support will always be conditional upon annual review and the availability of funds.
Projects which are eligible are those which:
  • Respond to an identified community need;
  • Provide development for participants in areas involving heritage, arts, culture, tourism, sport and the environment;
  • Have the agreement of relevant trade unions;
  • Do not displace or replace existing jobs;
  • Offer valuable work experience for participants.
Projects which are not eligible are those which:
  • Are politically or commercially orientated;
  • Involve a substantial trading element;
  • Enhance private property;
  • Result in private gain.
Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection staff can advise sponsors further on eligibility.
Last modified:21/10/2013

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