Occupational Injury Benefit Late Claims SW101(A)

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We may consider backdating payments for more than 6 months in the following four situations. If you think that any of these situations apply to you, please write to us with evidence to support your application.

Situation 1

You did not apply because of information the staff of the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection supplied to you or to someone who was acting for you.

What you must do

You must give full details of the information you received, including the name of the officer who supplied the information (if known), the location of the office and the date the information was supplied.

Situation 2

You failed to claim on time because you were so ill that you could not apply or instruct another person to apply for you.

What you must do

You must supply specific medical evidence from your doctor that emphasises why the illness or incapacity prevented you from applying yourself or appointing someone to apply for you.

Situation 3

You failed to claim on time because you suffered a ‘force majeure’

An event or action that was so overwhelming that it was impossible for you to make your claim on time. Examples include natural disasters, flood or war.

What you must do

You must give full details of the circumstances that prevented you from claiming on time.


Situation 4

You need payment to prevent or relieve current ‘financial hardship’

To make a claim in this case you must:

  • have current debts,
  • show that your current income, including any social welfare payment, is not enough to meet on-going expenses.
  • and
  • show that you are unable to pay off or reduce your debts by using money in a financial institution or other disposable assets that you could sell. Your family home is not regarded as disposable for this purpose.

What you must do

If you believe you satisfy these conditions you should send in information on your current debts and any assets you own. You should also supply evidence of your income from all sources.

    Last modified:22/09/2015