Domiciliary Care Allowance - SW127

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  1. What is Domiciliary Care Allowance?
  2. Who may qualify?
  3. When and how do I apply?
  4. How is my claim decided?
  5. Checklist for Domiciliary Care Allowance application
  6. Reviews and Appeals
  7. For more information

  • Complete form DOM CARE 1 as soon as you think you are qualified.
  • If you are late applying and wish to have the payment backdated (for a max of 6 months), give the reasons for the delay in making your application.
  • Send in any additional information, such as medical reports on your child that you have, this will help us to make the correct decision.
  • If your child has a Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD), send in any recent reports from specialists you may have or you can have the DOM CARE 3 FORM  completed if you wish.
Last modified:09/07/2014