Minimum Income Standard for Ireland

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The study report, ‘A Minimum Income Standard for Ireland’, presents the results of a year-long research project which updated and produced new , costed minimum income standards as based upon  minimum standards of living (MESLs) for a variety of Irish household types across the entire lifecycle. The research is based upon a consensual budget approach, using focus groups together with expert input to establish essential standards of living for the entire population. It builds upon considerable work in the UK on essential living standards and the consensual budget approach is now being used in a wide variety of countries.

This research contributed to two further developments, one on the ‘The Cost of A Child - A consensual budget standards study examining the direct cost of a child across childhood’ and to the  Minimum Income Standard Calculator or MISc. It is based on work by the Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice and is supported by MABS and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.  It allows for the calculation of the amount of income needed for an essential standard of living for a number of household types.  It can be found here: Further information is also available on
Last modified:26/03/2013