How do I get my payment?

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Guardian's payment can be paid weekly:

  • at your local post office by social services card, or
  • by direct payment into your account in a financial institution. This account must be a current, deposit or savings account.

Going Abroad

Guardian's Payment (Contributory)

If you intend to go abroad to live and are being paid by direct payment to your account in a financial institution, you should notify the Department 4 weeks before going abroad.

If you intend going abroad to live and you are being paid in the post office, you should continue to collect the payment until the Friday before you leave.

You should then send us on details of your new address and the account of the financial institution to which you wish payment to be made to:

Department of Social and Family Affairs
Social Welfare Services
College Road

Guardian's Payment (Non-Contributory)

You cannot get Guardian's Payment (Non-Contributory) outside the State. You should tell us of your intention to leave, so we can suspend payment while you are abroad.

Last modified:29/06/2011