Child Benefit - SW 42

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Child Benefit is paid for all children under age 16. However, you can receive Child Benefit for a child aged 16 or 17 if they are in full-time education or are physically or intellectually disabled.

We will send you a partly completed application form 1 month before your child's 16th birthday and, if your child is still in full time education, 1 month before the end of the academic year (while your child is under 18) so that you can continue to get Child Benefit.

When you receive the claim form, fill it in and have it certified by:

  • the child's school or college, if they are in full-time education, or
  • SOLAS (formerly known as FÁS), if the child is attending a full-time Youthreach course, or
  • a registered doctor, if the child is physically or intellectually disabled.

You must tell us immediately if:

  • the child leaves full-time education or training before the certified date, or
  • the child was physically or intellectually disabled and is now able to support themselves before reaching age 18 or, the date certified by a doctor.

If you do not receive a claim form automatically, form CB2 is available at, from your local Intreo Centre, your local Social Welfare Office or post office.

Last modified:18/08/2014